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Our coconuts are a previously discarded material.  Coconut farming is an essential source of income for many families and communities in Vietnam. Coconut shells are incinerated because they are a waste product from coconut creams, flesh and milks. The coconut industry supports many small scale family farms where income is difficult to come by, and the people can make a living from nature and the land they keep. By using the shells, a new source of income and employment is created for the community. Our skilled craftsmen and women collect the shells from local farmers. The shells are cut, sanded and polished. Finally, the most perfect shaped bowls are chosen for a final, loving finish of pure organic coconut oil.

Our Products

Plastic free

products and packaging

  • All our packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable at the end of it's life
  • Deliveries are 100% plastic free

Up-cycled from bi products of industry

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  • Billions of coconuts are harvested for their water and white meat, and the majority of coconut shells go to waste. We reclaim these coconut shells and turn them into beautiful sustainable products.

Vegan and cruelty free

  • The Nutty Gardeners love all creatures, so that is reflected in our products.
  • All products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. Meow!

Supporting  communities

By purchasing from the Nutty Gardeners, you are helping to create new, sustainable job opportunities and trade in Vietnam for local tradesmen and women.

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on orders over £30

  • With free shipping on orders over £30
  • Plenty of fantastic eco goods to choose from
  • Plastic free delivery within 2-5 days from order. 

Our coconuts come from the individual farming families and communities who rely on coconuts for income. Coconuts are brilliant and are used in countless vegan products, as well as used for the amazing essential oils and milks. Coconuts are amazing, and their shells tell just as good a story. Normally, coconut shells would be burnt as a waste product. It's not the worst thing, but it is a shame that they cant be used. That's where we come in. The shells are collected creating jobs for locals to the farms. Everyone is paid fairly for their contribution to the final product. Newly skilled crafters are provided steady income from a sustainable bi product of industry. Sanding and polishing the coconut shells boosts new opportunities for work and income.  Finally the best shapes for Cococandles are selected and the widest cut is made for our Groconut herb growing kits. The best shapes that have been worked, are then given the final polish with organic coconut oil to waterproof and bring out the unique bowl

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We can deliver your eco products for free when you spend over £30

All orders are carefully packed and sealed completely plastic free. Our cardboard is recyclable and the tape is made from paper. 

Orders are dispatched the next day on first class postage. 

Your orders should arrive within 2-5 days from purchase and we will update you as your eco goods get closer to your doorstep. 


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