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  • Billions of coconuts are harvested for their water and white meat, and the majority of coconut shells go to waste. We reclaim these coconut shells and turn them into beautiful sustainable products.
  • The Nutty Gardeners love all creatures, so that is reflected in our products.
  • All products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. Meow!
  • By purchasing from the Nutty Gardeners, you are helping to create new, sustainable job opportunities and trade in Vietnam for local tradesmen and women.
  • With free shipping on orders over £30
  • Plenty of fantastic eco goods to choose from
  • Plastic free delivery within 2-5 days from order. 

Here at The Nutty Gardeners,

we are loco for all things coco!


Our coconuts are a previously discarded material.  Coconut farming is an essential source of income for many families and communities in Vietnam. Coconut shells are incinerated because they are a waste product from coconut creams, flesh and milks. The coconut industry supports many small scale family farms where income is difficult to come by, and the people can make a living from nature and the land they keep. By using the shells, a new source of income and employment is created for the community. Our skilled craftsmen and women collect the shells from local farmers. The shells are cut, sanded and polished. Finally, the most perfect shaped bowls are chosen for a final, loving finish of pure organic coconut oil.


The finished products have paid everyone a good price for the work and value that they have added to the item. It takes time and care to grow a coconut, and we believe that the value continues from every hand that has helped turn an otherwise waste product, into something beautiful and unique.

Say thanks and we will pass it on to the guys and gals who grew your coconut. 


Holy moly it's here - the eco solution to growing indoors. 

The Growconut is an all in one, stylish, and completely plastic free herb growing kit. With absolutely everything you need and perfectly formulated growing media (organic of course) for bountiful harvests. 

Blimey it gets better:

Pick from our selection of fast germinating and high yield herb seeds to complete your Growconut herb kit.






Basil - Bright Green leaves from Sweet Genovese. This Basil gives a sweet and floral taste with a delicate aroma. It is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and has sweet subtle clove notes that intrigue the palate in any dish. (Maybe not ice cream- let us know)


Coriander - Refreshing lemony- lime flavour great in curry's, rice dishes and Mexican food. Large, quick growing green leaves with tender flavourful stems. Coriander has the potential to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease and fight infection. 


Marjoram - Fresh, woody citrus floral flavours. A kitchen favourite, Marjoram is a great addition to any stew, soup or sauce. It is also full of antioxidant properties, is high in magnesium and can help to alleviate anxiety.


Tarragon - It is prized for it's Aniseed flavour. Used to enhance fish and chicken dishes. With tender long leaves that have the potential to reduce blood sugar, inflammation and pain whilst improving sleep and heart health.

All in one grow kit with all you need:

- Organic Compost

- Aeration pebbles

- Polished growing bowl

- Choose your seeds

- Packaged fresh and plastic free

The perfect gift with an all in one freshly packaged kit ready for germination.

Hello from TheNuttyGardeners, 

Thanks for visiting our store.

We're James and Emma, and we hope that you enjoy finding out more about our eco friendly products.

We are dedicated to our customers and love to hear from you. If you have any comments or questions please give us a hoot.

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Summer Garden party


Soy Cococandle


Spiced rum, Vanilla and coconut

Soy Cococandle


Cocoloco toasted coconut

Soy Cococandle


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smoke? 1.gif
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Are you dreaming of those long Summer evenings? 

Stay mosquito free with our Citronella Cococandle 

Mosquito repelling coconut candle. 

Perfect for garden parties and Summer evenings. Our soy wax candles have been hand poured. A unique maple wooden wick is set perfectly in the middle of the coconut bowl. The wood helps to throw fragrance and increases the dispersal. 

Citronella is know to repel mosquitos. A natural plant extract, Citronella is blended with the soy wax to provide a deep and effective scent, whilst still allowing the candle to burn excellently. Cast in a polished coconut. 


Spiced rum, vanilla and coconut Cococandle

Spiced rum, vanilla and coconut Cococandle

Soy wax cast in a polished coconut cup with a maple wood wick.

Transport yourself to the Caribbean with a breath of tropical air. Soy wax is expertly blended with small batch rum, coconut essential oil, and a hint of sweet vanilla. ​

Our rum is aged for up to 12 years and is blended to create a soft, warming rum. With aromas of orange peel, toffee and liquorice, it is smooth on the nose and follows on with notes of toffee fudge that offers a seductive, long-lasting finish.​

Toasted coconut essence sweetens the aroma and ties the nutty combo into a deep fragrance that transports you to a Caribbean beach.

Cocoloco Cococandle

Absolutely loco amounts of coco packed into this amazing candle. Dreamy coconut essential oil is blended with soy to create a smooth burning candle that fills any room with delicious toasted coconut smells. Sweet and nutty.

Soy wax gives cleaner burns and wooden wicks give a greater fragrance dispersal.