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Holy moly it's here - the eco solution to growing indoors. 

The Growconut is an all in one, stylish, and completely plastic free herb growing kit. With absolutely everything you need and perfectly formulated growing media (organic of course) for bountiful harvests. 

Blimey it gets better:


Pick from our selection of fast germinating and high yield herb seeds to complete your Growconut herb kit.






All in one grow kit with all you need. 

- Organic Compost

- Aeration pebbles

- Polished growing bowl

- Pick your seeds

- Packaged fresh and plastic free

The perfect gift with an all in one freshly packaged kit ready for germination

Estimated germination time from our successful seed bank is about 2 weeks at room temperature. 



Bright green leaves from Sweet Genovese gives a sweet and floral taste with a delicate aroma. It is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and has sweet subtle clove notes that intrigue the palate in any dish. (Maybe not ice cream- let us know)



Refreshing lemony- lime flavour great in curry's, rice dishes and Mexican food. Large, quick growing green leaves with tender flavourful stems. Coriander has the potential to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease and fight infection. 



Fresh, woody citrus floral flavours. A kitchen favourite, Marjoram is a great addition to any stew, soup or sauce. It is also full of anti oxidant properties, is high in magnesium and can help to alleviate anxiety.



It is prized for it's Aniseed flavour. Used to enhance fish and chicken dishes. With tender long leaves that have the potential to reduce blood sugar, inflammation and pain whilst improving sleep and heart health. 


Wholesale Growconut - Herb collection

    • Large polished coco bowl
    • Organic, bioactive compost
    • Aeration pebbles for better drainage and healthy growth
    • Two types of basil. Sweet genovese and Dark Opal
    • Growing instructions
    • All neatly packaged in a recyclable box. 
    • Plastic free as standard