An ethical, sustainable plant and plant pot!  We care for the succulents in our nursery until they are the right size to fill the growconut cup. Once they have grown up, each individual succulent is ready for adoption. 


Name: David

Age: 2 Years


David is a dark green succulent. He has 3D white dots down his spikey thick leaves. His Growconut is something special with a beautiful light tinge that contrasts his dark green leaves. We have packed his Growconut full of cocohusk, peat free compost, and a little feed so that he stays healthy with you in his new home. 


What do you get? 

  • Plant pot : one 100% natural coconut cup, packed full of cocohusk (peat free compost with feed)
  • Plant: One unique succulent graduated from our succulent nursery


Product Dimensions:
Coconut cup: Diameter 8-10 cm, Height: 7-9 cm, Volume: 300-400 ml
Succulent: 1 large succulent (fills a growconut cup)


* Please note: Our cups are 100% natural and organic. Size, shape and colour varies slightly from cup-to-cup.


About the packaging.

We take every effort to carefully pack up your Growconut. We ship completely plastic free and use recycled packing paper to gently wedge the Growconut in place. Growconuts ship pretty darn well, especially because we stuff some natural moss down the sides to keep your new plant in place. Some compost may move about but we suggest brushing it off gently on arrival. Very occasionally the tips of the succulent may be slightly damaged. This does not often occur but will usually grow out.