Here you can view  and purchase the exact cocobowl listed.

Each Coconut shell is different, so we thought it would be nice for your to choose your own bowl. 


It's actually quite easy for us to make sure you get to pick your unique bowl. After their photo shoot, the bowls are wrapped in tissue paper, given their unique code, and listed on, ready to be delivered straight to you.


Our Cocobowls are a food safe natural product. The only extra ingredient added to our raw, sanded and polished coconut shells is a coat of coconut oil. This helps to seal the shell and gives it a beautiful polished finish. 


We recommend treating your coco bowl with some coconut, vegetable or olive oil, as often as possible to help preserve it's life and good looks. 


Average product dimensions: Diameter 13-14 cm, Height: 6 cm, Volume: 500-600 ml

Cocobowl - Individual bowl 8167