Holy moly it's here - the eco solution to growing indoors. 

The Growconut is an all in one, stylish, and completely plastic free herb growing kit. With absolutely everything you need and perfectly formulated growing media (organic of course) for bountiful harvests. 

  • Polished Growconut bowl

  • Aeration pebbles

  • Organic, bioactive compost (peat-free)

  • Seeds (choose from 5 seed banks)

  • Totally plastic free product and shipping

  • Freshly packaged for a high germination success rate

Choose your seeds from our 5 high yield seed banks.

(Packaged in an airtight glass and cork vile)





Coco bowls



The best seeds

Aeration pebbles

Organic compost

Growconut coconut

Your chosen herb seeds are freshly packed into mini glass jars, and secured with a tiny cork for freshness. Choose from our 5 herbs, chosen for their high yield and easy germination. Seeds typically germinate within two weeks. 

A beautiful coconut shell has been harvested, sand blasted and polished to be the perfect biodegradable growing pot. The coconuts are taken from a waste product of farming. The best coconut shells for growing in are selected, and after polishing, they are wiped with coconut oil to help seal the shell. We advise that you also polish your coconut bowl with any household cooking oils. Coconut oil if you have it, but olive oil and sunflower oil also help the bowl to last harvest after harvest

We provide a layer of aeration pebbles for the bottom of your Growconut. Aeration pebbles don't only break up the compost and add air into the growing mix, they also help with overwatering, and rooting. The pebbles provide a great structure for roots to grow on and into. 

Our compost is a nutrient rich, peat-free, organic grow mix that has everything your plants need for several successful harvests. With a light fluffy texture and added pearlite for water control, this bioactive compost is the food source that your Growconut needs for bountiful harvests. 

See below how we package plastic free. 

We use potatoes!

  • Degradable = Plastic based and breaks down into micro-plastics

  • Biodegradable = Also means it is made from plastic and breaks into small pieces during composting

  • Compostable = Made from plant and actually composts. No plastic. 

Add to your home compost bin

Rejected potatoes now have a life. Those that cannot be used for sale, are used to for their starch. The starch is used to create a sheet material that can be formed into strong bags. These bags are what used to package your Growconut compost and aeration pebbles. 

Goes without saying, but the compostable bags can be added straight into your home compost bin.

Conforms to compostable standard EN13432

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