Absolutely loco amounts of coco packed into this amazing candle. Dreamy coconut essential oil is blended with soy to create a smooth burning candle that fills any room with delicious toasted coconut smells. Sweet and nutty, with a crackling maple wood wick. 

Soy wax gives cleaner burns and wooden wicks give a greater fragrance dispersal. 

Discover a new level of design and luxury smell for candles.

Soy wax is carefully blended with essential oils to create a powerful candle. Our expert candlemaker uses a wide maple-wood wick. Wooden wicks help to throw fragrance further and provides an intense aroma.

Soy wax is much cleaner than petroleum based waxes. Our candles gently heat the essential oils whilst burning cleanly. The warm Cococandle releases a lasting aroma that fills the room and helps to calm and soothe. 


  • Soy wax for clean burns

  • Maple wood wide-wick

  • High fragrance throw

  • Polished coconut cup

  • Jumbo size candle

Mosquito repelling coconut candle. 

Perfect for garden parties and Summer evenings. Our soy wax candles have been hand poured. A unique maple wooden wick is set perfectly in the middle of the coconut bowl. The wood helps to throw fragrance and increases the dispersal.

Citronella is known to repel mosquitos. A natural plant extract, Citronella is blended with the soy wax to provide a deep and effective scent, whilst still allowing the candle to burn excellently. Cast in a polished coconut. 

Spiced rum, vanilla and coconut Cococandle

Soy wax cast in a polished coconut cup with a maple wood wick.


Transport yourself to the Caribbean with a breath of tropical air. Soy wax is expertly blended with small batch Rum, coconut essential oil, and a hint of sweet vanilla. 

Our rum is aged for up to 12 years and is blended to create a soft, warming rum. With aromas of orange peel, toffee and liquorice, it is smooth on the nose and follows on with notes of toffee fudge that offers a seductive, long-lasting finish.

Toasted coconut essence sweetens the aroma and ties the nutty combo into a deep fragrance that transports you to a Caribbean beach.



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